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CCGs we're working with

We are currently working with the Newham CCG to pioneer the EMA-MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) app to help back pain sufferers in one region. We are in talks with other CCGs and Councils, and we will update this section as soon as we have finalised matters.

EMA Health & Wellbeing at Work

The app will give reminders to the user to keep their stress-level in check by using the front-camera feature on the app

AI will study the user's facial expression and indicate if the user is experiencing any stress, and the level of stress, if any

The chatbot will converse with the user and find out what is stressing him/her out

If the user is unsure, the game play will open and the user will be able to strike relevant balloons and figure out the source of the stress

The app will provide suggestions and tips to beat the stress and relax, even some therapeutic suggestions

EMA-Obesity (To fight overweight and obesity)

The app uses the phone's front camera to track the user's movement and has been developed into an innovative, challenging and competitive

Based on AI, the app can study the person's form and level of fitness and adapt to pose/suggest age/fitness-level relevant activities

The app will have a chatbot feature, which can have intelligent conversations with users on various subjects (including how they’re feeling, what they’re eating, etc.. 

Users can be prompted to show the food they’re eating, which can be captured as a picture to estimate the calories being consumed

Back-end data gathered, such as the player’s physical change (i.e. Is he/she gaining/losing weight…?) and the frequency of usage (i.e. how 
often does he/she play?) can be gathered through various AI and physical data input features

Data on how physical activity is helping children progress to a more positive mindset can be used by parents to monitor their progress, and by schools and the Council to determine how the bodies of children from different ethnic groups are affected by physical activity… which family groups are adopting a healthier lifestyle the fastest, etc.

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