How EMA® works:

Based on your posture, EMA® will recommend basic exercises to help strengthen your back

EMA® will continue to assess your posture and suggest corrections, if your posture is incorrect

EMA® will monitor your progress and provide feedback to your designated GP or physiotherapist

Posture Assessment

EMA® will assess your standing and sitting posture through your smart phone's front camera and recommend correcting it

 An artificial intelligence, neural network, machine learning app that uses your smart phone's front camera to assess and help correct your posture without multiple trips to the hospital or sessions with your physiotherapist 

 Empowering Medical App 

Our Aim

We want to help doctors and the NHS by minimising the time and cost involved in providing care and treatments to sufferers, while helping patients help themselves on their road to recovery using technology and easily available and affordable equipment... like the smart phone they likely already own

Some Statistics

We are sure you understand why developing EMA® is important to us

We want to reduce these statistics and help lower back pain sufferers all over the world

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